Syncbox Power Supply - Built-in and Concealed Wiring Solution - TV, Media and Speaker Systems


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Product Description:

Syncbox has been specifically designed to replace
all AV outlets in the home. The clever box is
effectively installed inside the wall and is supplied
with a beautiful cover leaving the connections and
cables completely invisible

What is Syncbox?
Syncbox is the Worlds’ only universally adaptable, invisible wiring & hidden socket system. With thousands of possibilities you can create any configuration that your project requires. Welcome to the new standard.

Dozens of connections
endless possibilities

Syncbox Media contains no modules. So is consequently ideal for homeowners, who choose to customise Syncbox to their own wiring specification, to create a recessed media plate. This can act as a perfect enhanced and improved version of a traditional media plate. Syncbox media can fit 8 keystone modules, within an area 50% smaller than the traditional media plate size. Telephones and TV coaxial sockets ect. traditionally have are all built into a standard size wall plate.

Angled Power Socket Keystone HDMI Brush Module 50mm Super Keystone


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