Revox - StudioArt B100 Bass Module (Black)


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Get in the lead, build on a high level.

A Revox STUDIO ART system grows with your wishes - if you want, in every room at your home. You have a wide variety of combination options. With the Revox STUDIO ART multiroom system you can enjoy all the integrated sources throughout the house, in the configuration of your choice and the place of your choice.
Extremely comfortable for the control of your STUDIO ART system: the clearly structured and easy-to-use Revox app (IOS or Android, free in the App Store).

Possible combinations of STUDIO ART products in one room: 
A100 for stereo via radio:
Two A100 wirelessly set for outstanding stereo sound - everywhere.
A100 with B100, wireless:
Two A100 as stereo set with the subwoofer B100 for very impressive bass.
A100 as a duo with P100:
A100 in a set with P100 - connected by speaker cable as a stereo combination.
An attractive combination:
A100 with P100 plus B100: Powerful, sonorous and a thoroughly compact solution

Speaker:   Ø 215 mm
Frequency response: 35Hz ... 200Hz
Sound pressure: max. 106dB / 1m
Power: 150 watts
Sources: Analog In, radio receiver
Connections: 1 x power socket, 2 x analog in (cinch), 1 x USB (service), wireless connection (KleerNet TM ) to other STUDIO ART loudspeakers

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