Aeotec - Dual Nano Switch On/Off (Z-Wave)


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Control any switch.

From anywhere.


Power sockets and light switches: amazing inventions. They literally changed the world. But if you’re not standing right next to them or can’t reach them, they’re limited.


Nano Switch offers complete wireless control of your switches and sockets.

Total control.

Nano Switch offers total control, easily. Impossibly small, each Nano Switch installs invisibly behind any of your home’s existing switches or power sockets. Simply unscrew the faceplate, install Nano Switch behind it, and you now have complete wireless control. Your old switches are instantly modern and instantly connected.

Total control

z-wave controller compatible with power sockets

Install Nano Switch behind your wall’s power sockets and you now have wireless control and scheduling of your electronics. With optional power metering, you can reduce how much those electronics are costing you.


nano switch light switch

Light switches.

If you have lighting that doesn’t need dimming, install Nano Switch behind your existing wall switch to convert it to a wireless wall switch. You’ll have full switch control, wireless control, along with intelligent automation and scheduling via Z-Wave.


Total ability.

Once installed behind a switch or socket, Nano Switch offers unparalleled wireless control via Z-Wave Plus. It lets you control, automate, and monitor your lights light and power sockets. From anywhere. Anytime. And it does it all through enhancement – with Nano Switch, your sockets and switches don’t have to be replaced and they’ll continue to offer the same manual control that you’re used to.


What it doesn’t do.

Nano Switch is incredibly powerful and it’s been designed to control a lot of power. To be this small and control so much, it can’t offer every possible feature. Fully compatible with standard indoor and outdoor bulbs, there are two major things that Nano Switch can’t do: dim lights and work without a neutral wire. But perfect lighting is still only a touch away with Aeotec’s lighting-design focussed Nano Dimmer.


Works with any socket or switch.

But what it does do is work with any socket or switch in your home. Nano Switch doesn’t change how your home looks by changing your switches, it changes how your home feels by making it far more capable.


Perfectly small.

Nano Switch installs behind your home’s switches or sockets. To do that, Nano Switch has to be small. Really small


 Perfectly small


Perfectly upgraded.

  • Powerful control.
  • Safely small.
  • See your spend.
  • Gen5
  • Stronger signal
  • Wireless updates
  • Safe wiring
  • Easier wiring
  • Secure control
  • Full scheduling
  • DIN rail compatible
  • Low voltage

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