Ethereal MHY HDMI High Speed With Ethernet - By Metra Home Theater


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Ethereal MHY HDMI® High Speed With Ethernet

Performance, Size and flexibility. The Ethereal Home Theater MHY-LHDME HDMI Cables provide it all, 18 Gbps performance up to 15 Meters and our unique Grip-Lox connector for a more secure connection to your equipment.


  • Supports 24 Gbps, 4K@60Hz HDR
  • 24K gold plated Grip-Lox connector for securing cable to source and display devices
  • Increased tensile pull tension without the risk of damaging connected equipment
  • Multi-layer shielding
  • Audio return channel

24Gbps Bandwidth Speed DPL Certified

 Quantity per Case 1
Bandwidth 24 Gbps
Model MHY Series
Brand Metra Home Theater
Features HDR, Locking Connector
Resolution 1080p, 4K
Type Ethernet, Passive
Jacket Type CL Listed, FT4 Listed
DPL Certified Yes



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